About me

Born in Birmingham in 1950 where I still live and work from a city centre studio.

I have two major passions in life, Art and Horses.

The horses winning until I was fifty when I picked up my brushes after a 28-year break.

To fund my equestrian interest I worked in retail furnishing and interior design which has been valuable in informing my art practice.

Over the last twenty years, I have had solo shows in UK, Milan, and Paris. I have paintings in private collections in France Italy Belgium Hong Kong. Norway USA and of course the UK. I find inspiration daily in nature, music, the human condition and life in general. I continue to paint from my city-centre studio, encouraging interested parties to visit, as you need to stand in front of a painting to understand it and get the full experience ____the Internet is not enough

I find inspiration constantly exploring and developing my art.

Equestrian 2